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How many sachets to take a day?

One sachet a day after food. You may increase to two sachets after a week. Check with your health provider if in doubt.

Why are balanced OMEGA-3 important?

The right amount – and proper balance of OMEGAs – is essential for your overall health. OMEGA-3 counterbalance the inflammatory OMEGA-6 saturated fats that are consumed through processed and prepared foods, especially plant-based oils.

What is an ideal balance of OMEGAs?

An ideal ratio of OMEGA-6 to OMEGA-3 is from 1:1 to 4:1. Today’s average Western diet is in the 20:1 range – dramatically outside recommended ranges!

What is the difference between OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-3?

While both are polyunsaturated fatty acids, OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-3 impact the body differently. OMEGA-3 is anti-inflammatory and supports many critical health functions, while OMEGA-6 is pro-inflammatory, leading to many health concerns relating to the heart & immune system.

What type of packaging is available for Sacha Inchi Oil?

Sacha Inchi oil is available in 3ml sachets or 50ml bottled form.

What Is Sacha Inchi Oil good for?

Sacha Inchi oil is cholesterol free, and contains no added preservatives. It promotes healthy skin, maintain healthy digestion, support immune health, support healthy body weight, promote restful sleep and many more.

How To Consume Sacha Inchi Oil?

It has a pleasant, light and nutty flavor, Sacha Inchi oil is versatile in usage – it can be consumed directly or added to juices, yogurt, salads or cooked dishes.

I still have questions, can I contact you?

Absolutely, please call (65) 8182 3325 or contact us here and we will answer any questions you have.