Eating Fats Are Bad Misconception

What is the biggest misconception that you hear time and time again in respect to ‘fats’? These are quite common. 1. Eating fats makes you fat. IT DOES NOT! That’s never been true. Most overweight comes from eating carbohydrates. Sugars are worst, refined starches are...

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欧米伽3(α-亚麻酸)的认识 ❖欧米伽-3是人体必需的脂肪酸,是人类生存的基础食品,但人体内不能自行合成,必须从食物中获得。 ❖从20世纪70年代,科学家发现了生活在格陵兰岛的爱斯基摩人很少患心血管疾病开始,人们对欧米伽-3脂肪酸的研究开始逐步深入。 ❖随着全球科学家对欧米伽-3的深入研究和相关知识的广泛普及,在美、英、法、日等一些发达国家已通过立法规定:在一些指定的食品中必须添加欧米伽-3,以保证人们能够获取一定量的欧米伽-3。...

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