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Sacha Inchi Oil Benefits Are Plenty From Support Cardiovascular Health, Healthy Blood Cholesterol Levels, & Healthy Blood Sugar Level & more…

Health Benefits of Omega 3

.  Support healthy joints

.  Provides omega acids for the maintenance of good health

.  For healthy heart and cardiovascular system

.  Support eye health

.  Help reduce inflammation

.  Maintain healthy skin/hair/nails

.  Support healthy body weight

Heart Health

Contributes to heart health and cardiovascular function, plus supports healthy blood circulation.

Brain Health

Supports strong mental health and brain development, particularly in children & adolescents.

Joint Health

Help control inflammation, reduce joint pain, swelling & ease stiffness with rheumatoid arthritis.

Improve Sleep

Omega-3 helps release melatonin which helps to improve sleep quality and duration of sleep.

Healthy Skin

Helps soften rough, dry skin and has a soothing effect on irritation, dermatitis and appearance.

Healthy Vision

Protects against macular degeneration, dry eye syndrome and decreases risk of high eye pressure & glaucoma.

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